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Goat and Spinach Stew – Lunch Recipe

  • Cooking time: 50 minutes
  • Portion: 3 persons


  • 1 kg of goat meat (diced)
  • Two onions (chopped)
  • One bunch spinach (leaves only)
  • One ladleful palm oil
  • One ladleful dried shrimp chicken or beef
  • stock opaki-paki spice (looks a little like a dried pod and has a mild, sweetish taste),
  • roasted and pounded sunyak bah spice (like a tiny gourd – only the seeds are used. they are slightly peppery in flavour), roasted and pounded

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– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Energy value

  • calories 250kcal
  • proteins 80g
  • fats 4.9g
  • carbohydrates 11.5g


  1. At first, marinate the goat meat for at least thirty minutes the opaki-paki (mild and sweet) and hot peppery sunyak bah which have been pounded in the mortar and pestle after a little roasting.
  2. Fry the meat with the onions and then braise gently in the stock for about an hour or till tender. When tender, you add palm oil and some dried ground prawns and the spinach.
  3. The palm oil has a strong red colour and gives a rich, strong taste to the dish.
  4. Simmer for a further 20 – 30 minutes.
  5. Serve hot.