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Moi Moi (Bean Cakes) – Breakfast Recipe

  • Cooking time: 60 minutes
  • Portion: 4 persons


  • 500g beans/black-eyed peas
  • Seven small chilli pepper
  • Four fresh tomatoes
  • Four boiled eggs (optional)
  • Two-half cooking spoons of palm oil or vegetable oil
  • Half-clove garlic or ginger leaves,
  • sandwich bags or stainless cups cooked fish/sardines salt and pepper to taste
  • 60g shrimp (optional)

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Energy value

  • calories 200kcal
  • proteins 140g
  • fats 4.5g
  • carbohydrates 13.5g
Process before frying:
  • Remove the bean’s coat.
  • You mustn’t let salt come in contact with the beans you will use in making Akara until you are ready to fry it.
  • Salt is believed to destroy the leavening property of beans.
  • This is what prevents the spattering of the beans batter during frying.
  • Soak the beans in water for Two hours to make them soft enough for your blender.
  • If you will grind it using heavy-duty grinders in Nigerian markets, it will not be necessary to soak the beans for extended periods.
  • Cut the pepper and onions into desirable sizes.


  1. First, soak the Beans/Black-eyed peas for not longer than 30 – 45 minutes,
  2. wash and peel off the brown back of the beans by rubbing the beans with your palms until it becomes white then wash thoroughly.
  3. Be sure to remove all the brown peels.
  4. Wash the beans till all is clean white, add onions, red chilli pepper, tomatoes, chopped small garlic and a bit of ginger (very little), and blend all together.
  5. Boil the eggs, shrimp and fish.
  6. Add Two half tablespoons of palm oil or vegetable oil and seasoning like Maggi/salt then stir, and taste if the seasoning is satisfactory.
  7. Slice the egg and shred the fish making sure to remove the bones.
  8. Rinse the leave/sandwich bag/stainless cups, fold them into a cone break the bottom backwards to avoid leakage, pour the grounded beans, add a few shrimps, and fresh sliced eggs and wrap the leave.
  9. Put water in a cooking pan and add all the wraps inside the cover to cook for 30mins.
  10. Open one wrap to see if cooked and solid.


  • Instead of leaves use sandwich bags or stainless cups.
  • Make stainless cups by cutting open cans of condensed or evaporated milk.
  • Use palm oil instead of Vegetable oil with enough large red peppers to improve the richness and reddishness of Moi Moi, which makes it more appetizing.